The world of Terra was built by the dragons, the first gods. Yet when the dragons grew too haughty they were overthrown by their own servants; their creations buried beneath the sands of a new world…

Solstice was a fantasy campaign setting conceived in 2003 and originally designed for use with Dungeons and Dragons and the d20 system. It was a world born from the idea that the settings of the past had wandered too far from what made Dungeons and Dragons what it was. Solstice was not about steam technology and dinosaurs; it was not about endless deserts and consuming magics; it was not about all powerful wizards and endless pantheons. Solstice was about, quite simply, dungeons and dragons.

Five campaigns and a decade later Solstice has moved beyond its founding pillars. Though the core Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting still lives as the Age of Stone, each campaign has pushed this world in unexpected directions. And with the conclusion of Solstice IV, Terra has expanded to include both the Age of Tears, a setting compatible with Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms, and the Age of Whispers, a setting compatible with Monte Cook’s Numenera.

Over the course of ten years Solstice has shown the potential to become something much deeper. Whether or not it will continue to evolve for another decade remains to be seen, but the dawn of the Shattered Solstice has come.

Shattered Solstice

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