Tur Kemen

Eye of the Eladrin and Capital of Tol Ar

This is the true capital of Tol Ar. With a unique understanding of their place in history the eladrin founded this island as a center of learning and observation. Great universities and one of the single largest libraries in all of Terra cover this city. No other place in the world is as focused on the learning and the collection of information as Tur Kemen.

Predominant Race(s):
• Eladrin (#)
• Human (#)
• ? (#)

Armed Forces:
• Internal (#)
• External (#)

City Districts

Great Library
Hall of Elders
Hanging Marketplace
Business District
Residential District
Scholar District

Organizations and Membership

Righteous Might
The Closed Fist
The Radiant Tower
The Sight of Hiril
The Silence
 Those that believe the people of Tol Ar should act upon the knowledge they gather.
A black market of sorts dealing heavily in the slave trade.
Those that believe the secrets held by Tol Ar must be secreted away.
Divination and scrying specialists; there is none more capable of accumulating knowledge.
An ancient order of lorekeepers with mysterious goals.

Tur Kemen

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