Elemental Affinity

Though the Elemental Chaos still churns at the heart of all things, the elements themselves are a more abstract concept when placed in the context of Terra and her mirror planes. The elements are not physical manifestations. There is still fire and water and air and such; but when one speaks of the elements that is rarely to what they refer. Instead the elements are representations of the forces that drive all things. If the Paths to Eltan are the goals of man, the elements are how those goals are achieved.

For example, there are many ways to achieve the goals of the Path of Fortune. One could build their wealth slowly, taking few risks and opting for stability and consistency. Another could focus less on how they can make money and more about how their competition can be destroyed. And yet another could have little stomach for the risk, but understand the market so well that as a partner to someone more aggressive they could amass huge amounts of gold while limiting their own investment. One who takes the first approach is said to have an earth affinity. The other two are fire affinity and air affinity respectively. These men and women have no literal connection to the Elemental Chaos, but they do show qualities of the fundamental forces that shape existence. The same is true of the gods. Their elemental affinity doesn’t illustrate what they are made of, but the nature of their sphere of influence.


Core QualitiesParagonProfiles
• Thought• Sages• Teaching
• Ideas• Philosophers• Spying
• Inaction• Diplomats• Deception
 • Tricksters• Thievery
 • Con Artists• Knowledge
 • Merchants• Exploration
 • Explorers• Discovery
 • Travelers• Dreams
 • Mentors 


Core QualitiesParagonProfiles
• Strength• Historians• Defense
• Tradition• Rulers• Strength
• Stagnancy• Fighters• Honorable Combat
 • Rangers• Wise and Traditional Rule
 • Farmers• Untamed Lands
 • Corporeal Undead• Undeath
  • Crops
  • Decay


Core QualitiesParagonProfiles
• Energy• Warriors• Fertility
• Change• Deviants• War
• Destruction• The Insane• Natural Disasters
 • Children• Performers
 • Daredevils• Revolutions
 • Conquerors• Destroying Undead
  • Dedicated Heroes
  • Insanity
  • Destruction


Core QualitiesParagonProfiles
• Magic• Wizards• Disease
• Emotion• Artists• True Artists
• Intangibility• Bards• Wanderers
 • Wanderers• True Seekers
 • The Depressed• Ghosts
 • The Lost• Oceans
 • Ghosts• Sea Elves
 • Psionists• Magic
  • Psionics

Elemental Affinity

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