While other creatures may be called dragons, they are at best lesser relatives of the true dragons listed below. The variations among dragons are the result of the corrupted release of their power during the Age of Flame by Lerelan.

Chromatic Dragons

Touched by the chaotic and destructive elements of their nature, chromatic dragons are determined to rage against their bindings until they break free. If they cannot have Terra, no one can.

Black Advisors and loners; masters of the arcane
Blue Lords of the current order, masters of unseen might
Brown Hedonists focused on the pursuit of pleasure
Gray Embodiments of vengeance, they seek only to kill sentient life
Green Experts of manipulation and control, using others to achieve their goals
Purple Explorers of the world searching for the secrets to power
Red Self proclaimed god-kings of the dragons; all of creation belongs to them
White Nomads of the wild, the violence of nature given form

Metallic Dragons

Driven by pride and greed the metallic dragons see Terra and all that exists here as theirs. They will reclaim their birthright whatever the cost.

Adamantine Insecure and fearful, they favor controlling frontier settlements
Brass Politicians and bureaucrats; manipulators on the scale of nations
Bronze Stubborn idealists to a fault, they constantly seek positions of control
Cobalt Masters of wealth and ownership from the shadows
Copper They favor careful analysis and disruptive surgical tactics
Gold Hunters of those that would destroy the fruits of their labors for the Dragon
Iron Vicious and violent, cruel assassins of the highest order
Mercury Mad and requiring near constant stimulation, they often infiltrate high society
Mithral They keep to themselves and act with a unity of purpose unheard of among dragons
Orium Service to the Dragon is everything so they fiercely protect all dragons have built
Silver Constantly attempting to prove they are superior and the rightful stewards of Terra
Steel Resentful of authority they are capable leaders of underground organizations

Gem Dragons

Determination and vengeance are the underlying motivations of the gem dragons. Less concerned about their past creations than their brethren, they see the destruction of the gods as a vital step before they can resume their charge.

Amethyst Caretakers of the Vision, directing the fate of Terra
Crystal Agents in the field, diplomats and assassins
Emerald Directors of the Insurrection, keepers of secrets
Obsidian Paragons of Psionics, cornerstone of the Insurrection
Sapphire Generals and ambassadors, the link between the dragons and the Insurrection
Topaz Visionaries unfettered by the trials of their kin


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