Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 24

As preparations neared completion for the unification event at the Muryo estate it was learned that the mercenaries hired to provide protection had been approached individually and bribed in an attempt to gain control of them. A number had turned down the advances and reported it to Ivaen Vinekio, but it was unclear which had accepted the offer. Still, it was too late to pursue the matter in any detail. The group could simply organize the mercenaries in such a way that the least likely to remain loyal were also placed in the least vital area.

But upon the conclusion of Marcus Vermithrax’s speech to end the evening, wearing the guise of Hakon Sind, a beholder and a number of creatures, the same the party had faced in the temple of Bel’Inana, appeared upon the balcony. Once the beholder had called for the party to end their masquerade and reveal themselves as the emissaries of Beatleguese they attacked those attended the event, a mix of mostly secondary authorities rather than the true movers and shakers in Xairus. Unwilling to allow the deception to advance any further the party fought back.

But even as the creatures of the far realms began their assault the sounds of battle came from outside of the estate, from the direction of the Arien Taur. Within moments the battle was joined by a number of elves, members of the Verdant Mandate. As they entered the fray the conflict became a three sided struggle with the civilians of the city attempting to escape with their lives.

The animosity between the Verdant Mandate and the creatures of the Far Realms was ultimately the party’s salvation as they didn’t have to fight a unified enemy on two separate fronts. The minions of the beholder were the first to fall, their attacks potent but their defenses less so. The elven attackers soon followed. Finally the beholder was struck down. And in the aftermath only one civilian had been caught in the crossfire.



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