Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: Sisters

A spiritual shaman, master of the soul and bound by no name, has been drawn by the great wall that shields the machinations of the followers of Khalya. He is one that can breach the path if only they can convince him to help. But, before that they must find him in a huge domain of swamp and metropolis. Their guide can no longer show them the way, but the spy has returned to their midst to walk the path with them.

They do not travel far before they discover that the followers of Khalya have not left much to chance. These twisted fey, the shadar-kai, will put an end to this interference. Above the streets of the stilted city Rhyas and Saeryn set an ambush, a trap which initially seems effective, thwarting their actions more effectively than the threats that have come before. But as the battle rolls on the requiem becomes clear and the instrumentalists laid bare. With the song broken the sister must retreat or lose everything.



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