Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: Passing On

A goddess of death, born in a turbulent age, seeks to release an army upon the world, an army composed of the souls of all those that have lived and died for thousands of years. On Terra the husks of countless victims await the release of these souls from the domain of Eltan. There is but one hope to stop this before the world is shrouded under the gaze of a power of pure malevolence.

The path these people have taken has seemed random, but is it really? From the exploration of a simple, insignificant passage, to the city of Durzak and now here to the afterlife where they can put an end to all of this. Has this all been simply a meeting of chance or is there a force bringing this confrontation to a head?

Within the domain of Eltan they first find bliss and then a chaotic soul and finally some answers. Unknown rules and truths bind the hands of all but them. They are offered guidance and power, but must execute their will by themselves. None of them question why, only how. None of them are concerned with the pull of fate, only that there is something only they can do. And so they hone their skills and step into the darkness.



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