Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice III :: Choices

All we have done is for one cause: choice. To be masters of one’s own destiny is the only gift we have to give. And now the choice has been made, and it was one we did not expect. Even now we see the ripples of this choice expanding through this world…

The peace lasted only a moment before the firbolgs attacked again. The hunters continued to attack and flee only to reappear somewhere else while the ghostraven would drop from the sky, attack, and then retreat a moment later out of sight. It was a battle of attrition, and one the party didn’t seem likely to win. But they endured it as best they could.

Apparently that endurance was enough, as eventually the attacks stopped and the chieftain of the firbolg tribe arrived to escort them to the next stage of the test. This trial would take place inside a ziggurat deep within the Arien Taur. Once inside they would have three attempts to solve a puzzle and prove their cunning or they would be entombed within forever.

The test was fairly simple, but by no means easy. Before them was a door that they needed to open. In front of the door was a balance scale. Around the scale were 12 keys, each apparently identical. The party had to determine which key would open the door. Though it was clear that weight would be needed to identify the proper key, they didn’t know if they were searching for a heavier key or a lighter key. After a bit of discussion they came up with a plan involving weighing the keys 3 at a time until the unique key was identified. With the key in hand they opened the door.

Beyond the door was a tunnel 100 feet long. On the far side of the tunnel appeared to be the prime material plane. But, the tunnel itself seemed to be filled with raw elemental chaos. A few experiments revealed that the elemental genasi would be unhurt by this, but that anything else would be destroyed. After much discussion it was decided to have the genasi travel the tunnel first, and then the others would remove the key at attempt to follow. The genasi were able to cross the distance, though everything they carried was destroyed. The eladrin removed the key, closing the door and sealing them inside the ziggurat.

The test of the Arien Taur had been failed. Though their power and cunning had been proven, their honor had not as the genasi advanced through a path the others could not walk, leaving them behind. Now Arianna and Gabriel remain on the near astral, maybe trapped within the ziggurat while Arora, Cinder, Jericho, Mareth and Neous are on the other side of the tunnel, wherever that may be, their physical possessions destroyed.

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