Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice 0 :: The Lost Chapters

Few performers command the same praise and respect as Elenan Kir. In a city full of the most creative minds of Terra, Elenan stands as the pinnacle of expression. What few know if that the master musician is deaf; fewer still, prophetic. On what she sees on the eve of her death is a choice one should never have to make. Even as a part of her heart dies she chooses stagnation over destruction.

Within the Dusty Cloak Inn, an establishment for wanders, travelers and adventurers, she chooses three to stand with her and herald in a new age.

Their efforts take them to the Spirit Whisper, the greatest stage of Fae Kemen, where they search for the mastermind of the efforts of the Chelikt Empire. What they discover leads them to Kiarz Gecht and an abandoned warehouse he bought up only recently.

There they find a secret excavation leading into the depths of the city and the Breath of Fae Kemen, an ancient temple and resting ground of the couatl. With such a power under the control of the invaders the people of Tol Ar would be hard pressed to repel Chelikt.

Delving into the ancient temple the intrepid adventurers confront and defeat Kiarz before releasing the couatl from their slumber, but not before Elenan is slain. As she lay dying she spoke one final prophecy, one recorded and passed on in the legends of this day…

The weight of my choice will carry me beyond this world and into the next. But even as I pass on Terra herself will carry a similar weight for untold centuries. I can no longer shed tears for the fate I have condemned this world to, but know that the rise of the third child will bring release from the shackles I have bound us with.



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