The Asteria

You are exceptional. Like the great heroes of legend there is nothing you can’t accomplish, no challenge you can’t overcome. You are the leader of men and the slayer of nations. The only limit to your potential is your imagination.

Still, the world will hardly serve itself up to you. Your destiny must be earned. And while your efforts have seen much success, the true forge of a man’s character is the trials he cannot win. You have seen such a trial, a situation that may have cost you everything, including your life. And as you contemplated all of your choices, all of them bad, a voice came to you in your thoughts. It told you that you are special, but that there is still something locked within you. It will open up that power for you should you prove yourself worthy.

Whatever reservations you might have, any advantage could be the difference between life and death. And in return the voices asks for nothing. You agreed and waited for… something. But the voice tells you that you have proven nothing. Rise up and face this challenge before you. Trust your instincts and if you are worthy you will succeed. Seeing no other alternative you did just that.

Your success was exhilarating, made even more so by the promised powers that blossomed within you at just the right moment, empowering you to overcome the seemingly impossible obstacle before you. You have been judged and found worthy the voice will relay to you. And now it has an offer for you. It asked that you consider a partnership. It is more than a disembodied voice, it is the representative of a powerful and dangerous force, one whose ambition seems greater even than your own. Together nothing will be able to oppose you.

An alliance was struck, partners of equal standing, each doing what they do best to secure the dreams of all involved. And now the voice is never far, just a thought away. Together you have done some incredible things, but now it tells you that the endgame is near. It’s time to move the final pieces into place and make a play on the world itself. And it begins in Wyenn

All player characters are members of the Asteria, the result of millennia of psionic and genetic engineering at the hands of the gem dragons. You are a superior specimen of whatever race you represent and will be the fulcrum the dragons use to end the Age of Stone.

As Asteria you have the following benefits:

  • The Asteria have been breed over thousands of years to be the paragons of mortals. As such the following adjustments are made to a character’s ability scores at level 1:
    bq). Any score of 8 is raised to 11.
    Any score of 9 through 11 is raised to 12.
    +1 to any ability score.
  • You are in constant telepathic contact with a gem dragon. You cannot read the dragon’s thought and he or she tells you that they cannot read yours, but you are too smart to not have your suspicions. As players you need to define the type and personality of this dragon.
  • At some point in the past the dragon unlocked some manner of power within you that they refer to as the Boon. As players you need to define exactly what this boon does. The GM will work closely with you to ensure it’s appropriate, but it will almost certainly require a few iterations.
  • As you find other members of the Asteria you will discover that you can communicate telepathically with them and their dragon partner. As with your own partner, you can only hear thoughts that are intentionally projected. You must have line of effect with another Asteria or be within 20 squares to telepathically communicate with them or their dragon partner.
  • You have also found that you can breath underwater indefinitely and have a swim speed equal to your move speed.

Your arrangement with the dragons has so far been as equal partners. They make requests instead of give orders and in cases where you see little benefit for doing what they ask they offer up compensation. Still, the majority of the time what they ask of you you do gladly as you are starting to see their plans unfold, and the potential they represent is inspiring.

The Asteria

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