Stigand Estate

Safe House of the Insurrection

The Stigand Estate is a gem dragon safe house located on the southern Wrought Plateau of Xairus. A number of protective measures guard against unwanted intrusion including a Forbiddance ritual that encompasses the entire grounds, three Eyes of Alarm (one in the foyer, one in the garden and one in the workshop), Arcane Locks on all of the doors, an Arcane Barrier inside the secret room leading down to the workshop and a Teleportation Circle in the workshop.

The estate also has a small pool of white sand in its lowest level. A magical annulus directs arcane energy into the sand, slowly turning it into residium. In this way 1,000 gp in residium can be created in a day. The rotational speed of the annulus determines the rate of conversion. As a result this rate can be increased, but a stronger pull on the ley lines has a greater chance of being noticed.

• Forbiddance
• Eye of Alarm (x3)
• Arcane Lock (doors)
• Arcane Barrier
• Teleportation Circle

Stigand Estate

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