Solstice IV


While the chromatic and metallic dragons bicker and plot on the surface of Terra, the gem dragons have lain in waiting at the bottom of the sea, setting plans into motion that would take millennia to grow to fruition. But now the pieces are almost all in place and the dragons are ready to make their move, to strike out and shatter the fate that binds them, the Age of Stone.

The Asteria, the Boon and the Stigand Estate


System: Dungeons and Dragons Edition 4
Party Alignment: NA
Level Range: 11 to 20
Cover: Influential Securities

AdeyaSiophiruonPsion : Dreamwalker
The Haunted Blade of SylvaneftKhasidenyaSlayer : Kensei
Lord EmberVykashaenHybrid (SDM/WLD) : Anarch of Shyr
Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl (Obsidian)PeredilennSorcerer : Lightning Fury
VennerzadManeviceleInvoker : Angelic Aspect
Marcus VermithraxAlesandroHybrid (PAL/FIG) : Dreadnought
Gomgrim ZekeifDanadrathCleric : Miracle Worker


Year: 12884 CR
Solstice IV Overview

Recovery on the Timber SeaShadows of the Emerald Corridor 
Session 1Session 4 
Session 2Session 5 
Session 3Session 6 
 Session 7 

The Ravening SpireThe Weight of Stone 
Session 8Session 13 
Session 9Session 14 
Session 10Session 15 
Session 11Session 16 
Session 12Session 17 
 Session 18 
 Session 19 
 Session 20 

The Crimson GloamingInto the Argent Heart 
Session 21Session 28 
Session 22Session 29 
Session 23Session 30 
Session 24Session 31 
Session 25Session 32 
Session 26Session 33 
Session 27  

True SerenityThe Crown of the World 
Session 34Session 39 
Session 35Session 40 
Session 36Session 41 
Session 37Session 42 
Session 38Session 43 
 Session 44 
 Session 45 
 Session 46 
 Session 47 
 Session 48 
 Session 49 
 Session 50 

The Final EscalationStonebreaker 
Session 51Session 56 
Session 52Session 57 
Session 53Session 58 
Session 54Session 59 
Session 55  



Solstice IV

Shattered Solstice Gilheru