Solstice III


Chedi’s Jewel is a group of performers that travel all over central Corus. It’s also the front for an organization that specializes in… recovery. Run by Ashley Eversong this secret team accepts jobs from well to do clients who either need or wish to move small items of value. Staffed mostly by the new breed of genasi this group is very good at what it does. And after a particularly successful run they take on an unusual job in Cajra…

Chedi’s Jewel


System: Dungeons and Dragons Edition 4
Level Range: 10 to 16

Alastor Crychek Swordmage : Wandering Swordmage
Arianna Shoraestor Warlord : Wizard of the Spiral Tower
Arora (Sylph) Hunter : Battlefield Archer
Cian X : X
Xander ‘Cinder’ Mael Warlord : Kensei
Gabriel Mandrake Warlock : Darkwalker
Jerico Cain Swordmage : Wandering Swordmage
Mareth Fayein Rogue : X
Master Ling Cleric : Astral Avenger
Mynas Kyr Sorceror : X
Neous Rogue : Shadow Assassin


Year: 12876 CR

Into the DeepMirror of Cajra 
The Lost ChaptersThe Surface 

The Star RoadIn the Hands of Eltan 
HuntedPassing On 


Khalya and the Closed Eye continue to move forward. Though ultimately defeated, the lose was not total, though the exact size of the force Khalya has created is yet unknown. What she plans to do next is also a mystery.

Eltan’s realm, the afterlife, is about to enter a time of change unseen since the rise of the gods. It’s unlikely this will have no affect on the world of the living.

Many things were seen in the scrying chambers of the dracolich, only one of which was resolved in any fashion. A destructive force has recently awaken in Arien Taur, a magical plague is set to be released on northern Eurus and someone has returned to the cells that hold the gods of chaos. All of these plots continue to move forward, their impact likely to be significant if not devastating.

Epilgoue, Afterlife
Epilogue, Terra

Solstice III

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