Solstice II


Mercenaries of dubious moral character under the employ of a black dragon by the name of Enrisiskel, or just Risis, are given an odd reward for the recovery of the Mind’s Eye, a powerful artifact. They are told of the existence of the Soulforge, the tool used by the dragons to create the spark of life, that a dragon by the name of Kilcadenit was responsible for its creation and that another dragon, Bealsijan, was the overseer for the nine repositories that house all of the records of the keepers, including the location of the forge. If they can follow this trail of bread crumbs they could discover the secret of the soul.


System: Dungeons and Dragons Edition 3.5
Party Alignment: True Neutral
Level Range: 10 to 16

Anthys Valdis Paragon / Wizard / Sorcerer / Wild Mage / Ultimate Magus
Bryl’maren Cleric / Swift Wing
Dargon Ranger / Duskblade / Avenger / Wyrm Wizard
Dawn Half Nymph / Rogue / Sorcerer / Unseen / Hand
Philotes Genatto (Jack) Rogue / Wizard / Assassin / Arcane Trickster
Joyobi Karro Samurai / Iaijutsu Master
Kal Scout / Ranger / Dervish
Kurando MaKai Samurai
Krellan Mahl -
Maleekwa Paragon / Warmage / Rainbow Servant
Mathyn Valdis Wizard / Master Specialist
Mordecai Riabinin Bard / Virtuoso / Sublime Chord


Year: 12858 CR

Harbinger of the Sundering  
Solstice II :: The Lost Chapters  


Risis’ plan to use these mortals to bypass the protections placed by the Keepers around the Soulforge was ultimately unsuccessful. Though they had the potential within them, their actions were ultimately too self destructive.

A war now rages in the Shadowfell between father and son, both wishing to harness the power of chaos locked away before the coming of the dragons.

The Gem dragons have made their first move, though ultimately not as successful as they desired. They still have access to one of the greater creatures of chaos, so this turn of events is little more than a delay.

The lords of Ronjia are now guided by a fallen samurai with knowledge of the Izanagi. This spirit is quite insane though, and the people of this small island may find themselves driven to destruction.


Solstice II

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