Solstice I


The cliff face city of Thellic has fallen to the forces of Chelikt and a call has gone out offering riches for those mercenaries willing to take up the sword while an official response is locked up by politics. The Flame Ascendant, a powerful company lead by a fiery Lady Alysa, is one of a number of groups to respond.


System: Dungeons and Dragons Edition 3.5
Party Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level Range: 3 to 10

Anthony Human Paragon / Cleric / Radiant Servant
Aust Nai’Lo Fighter / Tempest
Bean Wizard
Cross Wizard / Loremaster / Divine Oracle
Galros Iskalion Fighter / Rogue / Swashbuckler / Assassin
Gargolax Barbarian
Kiki Druid
Nikos Iskalion Wizard
Roland Human Paragon / Barbarian / Bard / Fighter
Strother Gandling Human Paragon / Sorceror
William Goodbarrel Rogue


Year: 12845 CR

Keep in the Hammer MountainsFinding Purpose in Sajn 
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Assault on the ZiggurautReturn to Sajn 
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Cleansing of UresianGuilds of Jedyn 
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Deep TunnelsCity of the Damned 
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The riches of the lost dwarven city immediately changed the focus of the group. Personal goals were put on hold as the potential available to them was fully comprehended. This was the founding of the massive mercenary organization to be known as the Reavers. Based out of Jedyn the Reavers would become one of the most powerful military organizations on Corus. An organization whose leaders owe a boon to the gods…

After a huge display of power Alysa disappeared. What her current goals are now that she has been revealed remains to be seen.

Having been discovered Davinix has been forced to adjust her plans to increase the defenses of her desert stronghold. For a time her reptilian minions have withdrawn. The question is not whether she will reach out again but what kind of defenses will have been arrayed against her when she does.

For the first time in a millennium Uresian has no draconic presence, and the Keepers intend to keep it that way. What is unknown is what they will do with their new bastion.

Efforts to force the beginning of the Age of Water have been unsuccessful thus far. Unfortunately, this likely means that the Cabal of the Stonebreaker will become more aggressive in their efforts.

Solstice I

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