Solstice 0


A Chelikt Empire fleet hides within the Lok Gaer, waiting for agents within Fae Kemen to find a way to bring the city down and provide a beachhead for the conquest of Tol Ar. The secrets of the city have been hidden for centuries, but a clever rogue has found the key. Now a small force of Chelikt soldiers fights in the south as a distraction, drawing the defenders away from the city.


System: Dungeons and Dragons Edition 3.5
Party Alignment: Neutral Good
Level Range: 3 to 4

Dimble Murnis Druid
Eryin Arcanenight Bard
??? Bard


Year: 0 CR

Guardians of Sensi Unbound  
Solstice 0 :: The Lost Chapters  


The rise of the couatl (the foundation for the CR date designation) and the revelation of the Chelikt offensive brought with it the last major changes to affect Terra; the beginning of the Age of Stone. With the couatl protecting the Island of Sensi the land was secure from further aggression. Fearing the attention of the conqueror would now turn west, the cities of Corus came together within a year to form the Kingdom of Evashyn. This strategy would define the status quo for untold generations.

Solstice 0

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