Paths to Eltan

One of the primary tenants of the faith of Terra is the Paths to Eltan, the god of the afterlife. By following one of these paths a man will see rewards in this life and the next. And if one walks a path they will be guided not only by the star, the moon and the sun who guide all, but by the Wayfarers as well. If one does not walk a path they are more susceptible to the evils worked by Gods of Opposition. As a result almost all men and women of Terra follow one of the four paths.

Path of Self

SelfThe Path of Self is based upon the belief that happiness comes from self-actualization, at achieving ones’ potential. Intelligence, will and inner strength all allow one to grow and evolve, and without this inner progress one is little more than a large child. But the goals of those on the path extend beyond inner fitness to outer fitness as well. Those that succumb to the temptations of the flesh are just as abhorrent to walkers of this path as those that stop learning. For those on this path the purpose of this life is to fulfill the potential of their birth.

Path of Family

FamilyThe Path of Family holds to the importance of friends and family in determining one’s success. Compassion and love towards your fellow man is the hallmark of this path, and without it an individual is little more than a leech. The Path of the Family also focuses on the importance of progeny. The future of this world rests in the hands of the children of men, and those on this path are fiercely protective of their offspring. For those on this path the purpose of this life is to embrace your neighbor and seek happiness together, leaving the world in better hands than you found it.

Path of the Builder

BuilderThe Path of the Builder measures success by how one has shaped the world. Through the application of strength and intelligence, one can build a monument or conquer a nation. In both cases the walker has created something in this world, shaped it to match his vision. But creation is meaningless if the creation itself does not survive. So while those on this path often have lofty ambitions, they also protect their works as devotedly as they created them. For those on this path the purpose of this life is to shape the world.

Path of Fortune

FortuneThe Path of Fortune comes from the idea that influence is measured by ownership. A pauper has wasted his life and accomplished nothing, but a wealthy merchant has prospered through the application of their skills and their will. Wealth is not an end unto itself; it is a means of measuring the effectiveness of one’s life lived. There are countless factors that come into play during one’s life, countless variables that make men different from one another, but wealth is the ultimate equalizer. For those on this path the purpose of life is to measure the worth of men by viewing their wealth.

Paths to Eltan

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