Magical Items

In the interest of attempting to speed up combat, magic items are significantly simplified. Magic items are not the only source of conditional variables that bog combat down, but they are still a major contributor.

Instead of breaking items up into 30 levels they are instead broken up into 6 tiers. Each tier encompasses 5 item levels. The cost of a magic item found in each tier is broken down below.

  Tier 1: 1,000 gp (encompassing level 1-5 magical items)
  Tier 2: 5,000 gp (encompassing level 6-10 magical items)
  Tier 3: 25,000 gp (encompassing level 11-15 magical items)
  Tier 4: 125,000 gp (encompassing level 16-20 magical items)
  Tier 5: 625,000 gp (encompassing level 21-25 magical items)
  Tier 6: 3,125,000 gp (encompassing level 26-30 magical items)

The core magic item types have an inherent bonus that increases per tier. For example, magical weapons grant +1 to damage per tier (ie. a tier 4 greatsword would give +4 damage). Inherent bonuses are considered an enhancement bonus. Below is a list of the core magic item types and their bonuses.

  Weapon: +1 to Damage per tier
  Armor: +1 to AC per tier
  Head: +1 to Will per tier
  Neck: +2 to Trained Skills per tier
  Arms: +1 to Fort per tier
  Hands: +1 to Attack per tier
  Waist: +1 to Surges per Day per tier
  Feet: +1 to Reflex per tier

Other magical items like rings and wondrous items still exist, but they have no inherent bonus, so they fall under the rules described below.

In addition to the inherent bonus granted by an item, each player may have one additional magic item effect per character tier: Heroic grants 1, Paragon grants 2, Epic grants 3. These additional magic effects are taken from the existing magical items.

As an example, the player of a level 9 heroic character would like to have the effects of an Adamantine Weapon applied to their bastard sword. Within the heroic tier each character may have one magic effect on their gear, so if the player does not already have an item with a different effect they would be able to use Adamantine. Once they are using Adamantine though none of their other magical items may have an effect beyond the inherent effect.

This limitation also applies to magical items that do not have an inherent bonus. An epic character using a ring would gain the magical effect of that ring, but it would take one of their three available effects.

An effect must also be available for the tier of magical item the character has access to. Going back to the Adamantine Weapon, that magical effect does not appear on a magical item within the level range of 1 through 5, so it could not be placed on a tier one weapon.

A character may possess more magical items with effects than they can access, but upon rising from an extended rest a character must decide which effects are active and which are suppressed. This is a daily action and can only be done after an extended rest. As an example, a level 9 character with both an Adamantine bastard sword and a set of Mithral plate armor can decide which item will have it’s magical effect active for the day and which will only have its inherent effect active after waking from an extended rest.

Magical Items

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