The Emerald Star

On the western edge of the federation, Irisis has found purpose amid the changing seasons. For half of the year passage through the Sentinels is not terribly dangerous, allowing for thriving trade between Irisis and Khonis. This allows the people of Irisis to export the most sought after lumber in all of Corus. Though the Arien Taur is nearby, a short stretch of mountains isolates the woods north of Irisis from the forests of the elves. The great trees of Haven Forest are the same type as those of the Arien Taur, but the elves neither occupy the forest nor protest the timber operations (at least not forcibly enough to be more than a nuisance). Trade is lucrative enough to not only provide enough income to cover the seasons when travel through the islands is all but impossible, but is also financing the creation of a series of bridges being constructed along the Sunset Islands to link Irisis with Laeus.

Predominant Race(s):
• Human (5,000)
• Half Elf (1,500)
• ? (#)

Armed Forces:
• Internal (#)
• External (#)


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