A curving crescent shaped continent and the largest landmass on Terra.





Arien Taur C5Ancient sentient forest of the elves

Ash Highlands E5 

Bethari Lowlands G6 

Cahya Plains J3 

Cimmerian Delta F8A massive and sheltered stretch of wetlands

Circle Steppe E3 

Crescent Valley F5 

Cunildr Sea G10 

Cutrar Basin E4 

Desert of Mists H2Massive frozen desert covering northern Corus

Discord G9 

Dragon Crown Islands K2 

Eclipse Valey E7 

Ekodian Woods K4 

Ern Delij G8 

Ern Orden F7 

Glass Plateau F3 

Godevia Sound L5 

Harmony E9 

Haven Forest B5 

Katri Island H3 

Kasih Plains F3 

Liisu Sound L2 

Lucent Gulf I5 

Meridian J9 

Moana Passage E7 

Needle Plains H7 

Prophet’s Lake J2Perpetually frozen lake that conceals much of Aesyl

Reyma Canyon E6Unnatural canyon cutting through The Great Divide

Rime Mountains K4 

Risinta Island H4 

Rok Maw E4 

Rok Spine Mountains F3 

Sanctuary Gulf C7 

Sojourn Spire C4 

Southern Reaches D9 

Spear of the Exile J3 

Still Bay K3 

Suitha Sea J7 

Sword Highlands E8 

Tear of Ashin D5Terra’s largest and deepest lake.

The Emerald Corridor E6Passage connecting northern and southern Corus

The Great Divide F7Mountain range dividing northern and southern Corus

The Inda Dhwai H8 

The Sentinels B8An island chain creating a barrier to the west of Corus


The smaller of two continents on Terra, effectively split into three by a pair of mountain ranges.





Ashbound Forest L9 

Bay of the Eidolon N6 

Bretcht Hills M10 

Chelaj Island N8 

Chem’t Sea M12 

Choir Lake K11 

Donguri Lake N7 

Etik’t Woods L12 

Ga’ekt Vale N9 

Gossamer Hills O10 

Halcyon Mountains L11 

Hana Vale N7 

Hanging Glen L7 

Ikt’sogch Highlands L6 

Jikt’ech Dune K12 

Kagekatsu Isle N7 

Karekt Sea N11 

Kei Lake N7 

M’bemok Pass M8 

Orewke Lake M9 

Rising Lake M6 

Rogkorz Highlands M6 

Serenity O10 

Shattered Plains L9 

Shi’ru Bay M8 

Slate Plains J10 

Soch’t Vale M12 

Spar Valley L10Home of the slow moving Giant’s River and the regenerative pillar reeds

Stone Lowlands K11 

The Labyrinth M7 

The Midlands N9 

The Vaults N10 

Thol Erisse N13 

Tori Island N7 

Veil of Flames J10 

Viridian Crown K11 

Ziktir’t Sound N5 

Aegis Archipelagos

A string of temperate islands providing a border to the cold southern waters.





Bronze Coast G11 

Canarela Channel C12 

Denevorin Bay D12 

Dontilo Island I12 

Firine Channel G12 

Hisami Islands C12 

Ivasite H12 

Legrane E12 

Levada Vale H12 

Munirai Mountains H12 

Nir Island I11 

Pale Sierra H12 

Radondire Mountains E13 

Sage Sierra F12 

Scars of the Behemoth J12 

Steel Coast E12 

Surtesa Island E11 

The Duelists F12 

The Gaj Irg K13 

The Rock G13 

Valley of the Serpent F12 

Welesa Bay G11 

Island of Sensi

The largest island on Terra; kept warm by geothermic activity despite its proximity to the north pole.





Caran Aur M2 

Celebi Tol N3 

Din Aelin N1 

Er Tol O2 

Ered Minlos O2 

Ered Sulin O4 

Forn Telath N1 

Glin Aur O2 

Lok Gaer O5 

Loth Telath O5 

Mandil Aur O4 

Mith Aelin O4 

Mor Gaer N2 

Pel Ald O3 

Ril Gaer O4 

Rond Aur N1 

Tar Aelin O3 

Tathr Aur N4 


Shattered Solstice Gilheru