Faith and Gods

Greater Gods

Gifted with the powers of life and death these are the most powerful gods of Terra. All existence begins and ends in their hands, and as a result their symbol encompasses both the gods and the realm of mortals.

Ashin Goddess of Creation and Evolution
Islor God of Time, Life Lived
Kinis Goddess of Death
Eltan God of the Afterlife, Consequences

Lesser Gods

The influence of the lesser gods extends to all men in all walks of life. Though not nearly as powerful as the greater gods, the range of their domains has granted them an elevated rank. The circle of the heavens and that universal influence represents the lesser gods.

Zyril God of Sacrifice, Reversal
Lerelan Goddess of Hope, Inspiration and Insight
Bel’Inana Goddess of Deception, Trickery and Danger
Rakia Goddess of Love, Joy and Accomplishment
Salosa Goddess of Judgment


The Wayfarers are the gods that guide the mortals of Terra along the Paths to Eltan. Though each path is watched over by two gods, most people chose a single Wayfarer as their patron. The circle of the wayfarers, containing a symbol for each path, represents these gods.

Kasler God of Willpower, Self Awareness
Dysia Goddess of Intuition, Knowledge
Noku God of Mercy, Kindness
Inalea Goddess of Harmony, Trust
Rhocy Goddess of Strength, Conviction
Lorardor God on Inner Strength, Caution
Chedi Goddess of Destiny, Chance
Denmos God of Wealth, Stability


The gods of the Opposition work to drive men from the Paths to Eltan. Each focuses on a different mortal weakness and the symbol of the snake and the eye represents that temptation.

Nalak God of Defeat, Adversity
Kelurn God of Violence, Disaster
Ald’cer God of Imprisonment, Loss
Lyeina Goddess of Discord, Impatience
Tial Goddess of Intolerance, Unfairness

Faith and Gods

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