Kingdom of Evashyn

An alliance of city states forged to resist the expansion of the Chelikt Empire onto the continent of Corus. Governed by the Five Thrones; the five member states that contributed the greatest amount of funds and resources.

Seris F4Center of the Federation
Aesyl J3The Divine Throne
Bakram D9City of the Crimson Sun
Cajra E5Blood of the Federation
Drenir E8Stone of the Highlands
Elanti B8The Eye of the World
Ghane Monastery J5The Crescent Garden
Irisis B6The Emerald Star
Jedyn H8The Gray Vaults
Kaevic F6The Iron Spider
Khonis E9The Radiant Port
Kyn F7The Necropolis
Laeus B7The Veiled Island
Ljorn D9Gateway to the Wild
Mesiv Fortress I3The Desert Winds
Oedion H6The City of Salt
Phadys I8The Noble Coast
Rhuan Rise K9The Veiled Dagger
Saijn J3The Nexus
Telarys G3The Granite Shield
Thellik L4The Azure Cliffs
Uresian G3The Divine Steward
Wyenn G6Timber Sea
Xairus E6Sojourners Waypoint
Zephyr Citadel H4The Sword of the Federation
Zyresha F4City of Industry

Chelikt Empire

A powerful nation guided by a rigid caste system. Expansionist by nature, they seek to break the Age of Stone so that the Emperor might guide all of Terra with the truth.

T’ke’Wirchid M11 
Chelikinir L10Primary connection between T’ke’Wirchid and the Midlands of Eurus
Chel’Rogk G13City of Rakia and the rising sun.
Ch’lte L7An old mining city now finding itself at the hub of numerous draconic ruins
Fewkne Deep O12Isolated military settlement looking eastward for threats
Ga’Aaktil N9 
Ga’Odwek L9Home of the halflings
Gasogch L12 
Ikinir’t M12 
Ikt’Gajikt M10Holy city of the Chelikt Empire, favoring Islor in particular
Irek Point M5Naval city and point of trade with Island of Sensi
Jetetch’t L7The military heart of the Chelikt Empire
Karaz’dekt K12 
Li-Litak M9Sister city of Ikt’Gajikt, center of learning of the Chelikt Empire
Melcht M8Hanging city of Salosa’s bells
N’che N6Third corner of the Phoenix Convergence (with Thellik and Tur Kemen)
Tibidikt J10 
Tke’Bretcht K9 
T’kemolk J11The primary ship yards of the Chelikt Empire
Ung’Klef L6 
Virinjirech Citadel K12 


The government of Allandria is structured around the Paths to Eltan; enabling people to choose their paths with minimal interference. Advances in steam technology in particular shape all aspects of life in Allandria.

Leroeni E12 
Enemutia D13 
Kivio G13 
Leoana H12 
Linya G12 
Penevosa H12 
Tiasa Cove I12 
Wyren G12 
Yagesa C12 

Tol Ar

They are the watchers, tasked with recording all that happens upon and within Terra. Where this mandate originated no one knows (or is saying), but the leadership of the eladrin still hold to the tenants of old even as a new guard seeks to break free of the past.

Tur Kemen O2Eye of the Eladrin and Capital of Tol Ar
Fae Kemen O4Heart of the Eladrin
Sereg Kemen M2Might of the Eladrin

Arien Taur

Maintaining an intimacy with the natural world that few races can claim, it is rare for the elves to subscribe to a rigid enough way of life for a true government to form. The Arien Taur is no different, but it is still the single largest gathering of elves on Terra.

Arien Taur C5The sentient forest home of the elves

Iaur Taur

Before recorded history a subset of elves abandoned the surface world for the unknown depths of Terra. More structured than their brethren, their civilization is called the Iaur Taur.

Thalion Os M13The only surface settlement of the Iaur Taur


The dragonborn masters of the Kagekatsu, The Voice of the Unseen, are a militaristic and honor bound people. Not only have they resisted the conquest efforts of the Chelikt Empire, they have managed to hold a small portion of the Eurus mainland.

Rhonjia N7 
Shiang N7 


The Scars of the Behemoth is a mysterious place, an island near five hundred miles from end to end where the earth seems to have been torn asunder. The minotaur of Rytha claim the land, but only maintain permanent settlements on the Gaj Irg to the south.

Yevajia K13 


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