Age of Stone

The world of Terra is much like any other. The climate is fair, the sun is bright and the seasons pass with little variation. But, the civilizations of Terra are ancient. The rise of men and elves and dwarves happened so many millennia ago that their origins have been lost to the ages. Yet, since the coming of the mortal races this world has changed little. The nations of Terra are much the same as they have been for ten millennia.

For ten thousand years the same dynasties have ruled. For ten thousand years the same borders have stood strong. For ten thousand years the ravages of time have been held at bay. Even the long lived elves have seen countless generations pass since their progenitors rose from Ashin’s seed. This world and its people are old beyond measure, but the wheels of fate still turn. One day this age will end, but for now the Age of Stone still grips the land in an iron fist.


Solstice 0 An unlikely band from Fae Kemen must protect their city from a covert invasion.
Solstice I The fall of Thellik brings mercenaries from all across Corus to Saijn.
Solstice II A search for the ellusive Soul Forge begins in Tur Kemen.
Solstice III The performers of Chedi’s Jewel have an unusal delivery in Cajra.
Solstice IV Champions of the Gem Dragons turn their eyes on Xairus.

The World of Terra

World Map A map of the known lands of Terra
Geography A list of the major geographical features of Terra
Civilizations The nations of Terra and their members
Races A brief overview of the 4E races and where they fit in
Language The tongues of Terra

Life on Terra

Dragons A brief overview of the fallen masters of Terra
Elemental Affinity A description of the role of the elements on Terra
Faith and Gods The gods of Terra and details regarding the Paths to Eltan
House Rules House rules used in the various Solstice campaigns

The History of Terra

Age of Creation The World Given Form
Age of Aurora Ascension of the Chosen and the Birth of the Arcane
Age of Flame The Crucible of Civilization
Age of Stone The Dusk Wars
Age of Tears The Shattered World
Age of Whispers The Calm

Age of Stone

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