Eidolon of the Elemental Chaos




All things are shaped from the infinite elemental chaos. And in an infinite space all things that can exist do exist. Tavitha is an extreme representation of that principle, the result of millions and millions of exceedingly rare events all happening to create a god-like being of chaos. She is not alone, but seems to be the only such creature free of the prisons they were placed in at the dawn of creation by The Dragon.

What exactly Tavitha is now and why she doesn’t unravel Terra with her mere presence is unknown. Instead she plays the role of extremely capable immortal who can rarely seem to focus on something for more than a few moments. Yet, in another seeming contradiction, she doesn’t spend her time in a daze, barely able to move from one spot let alone care for herself. She is an enigma and not to be underestimated.


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