Sun Sisters

Sunishra, Sunedea and Sunassa



The sisters are trained as warlords, but each has taken a different specialty.

Sunishra is trained as a Bravura Warlord. She is at the head of any charge, leading from the front lines and focused on creating openings for others to use. Her weapon of choice is the claymore.

Bravura Presence
When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn.

Sunedea’s approach is different, favoring the philosophies of the Insightful Warlord. She is the most tactically oriented of the three, observing and responding from the rear of a unit where she can see all of the pieces in play. From this position her primary means of contributing to a combat comes in the form of throwing daggers.

Insightful Presence
When any ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action, that ally gains a bonus to all defenses equal to half your Wisdom modifier or half your Charisma modifier until the start of his or her next turn.

Sunassa has ended up somewhere in between, taking the role of the Resourceful Warlord. Her primary approach to combat is to shadow Sunishra, taking advantages of the opportunities her sister creates with her greatspear.

Resourceful Presence
When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, that attack gains a bonus to damage equal to one-half your level plus your Intelligence modifier. If the attack hits no target, the ally gains temporary hit points equal to one-half your level plus your Charisma modifier.


The Sun sisters were operating out of Thellik as information brokers when they stumbled upon information about the chromatic dragons in the city that was too sensitive for the dragons to allow them to live. It was during their flight from the city that Arkevitres made contact with them. With his assistance they were able to escape and have since turned their talents towards assisting the Insurrection.


The sisters are identical, something they have put to good use on a number of occasions. Their hair is a rich auburn, their eyes a deep forest green. They are fit and slender, standing just under five foot seven. They aren’t naturally curvy, but have learned to fake it when their work requires it. All told they are physically unassuming, but on closer look move well, like fighters. After years of training they unconsciously center their weight as they walk, always maintaining a balanced stance whether they feel physically threatened or not, giving them the ability to dodge in any direction with a moment’s notice.

Sun Sisters

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