Patron of Adeya


Obsidian Dragon


Not surprisingly, the discovery of a previously unknown parallel plane (similar to the Feywild and Shadowfell) that seemed to be connected to dreams sparked a flurry of activity within the Obsidian dragon circles. Siophiruon was not one of those that made the initial discovery, but his work with the people of Bakram gave him an expertise that landed him a role with one of the first excursion teams. There he turned his efforts towards unraveling the secrets of one of the species he encountered there. His primary subject, a being calling itself Adeya, has provided a wealth of information in exchange for the powers offered by the bond of the Asteria. Unfortunately, he has been ordered to place his charge with a group of Asteria embedded within Xairus. He fought the orders to the best of his ability, but even enraged he has refused to hand her off to one of his kin. This is an unfortunate turn of events to say the least, but maybe something can be salvaged from this fiasco.


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