Mynas Kyr

Drow Storm Sorcerer


Mynas Kyr was still young when he lost his father, but the event would set much of the course of his life. The forest had been a great place to play and his little sister spent a lot of time there, but when she didn’t come home for dinner one night, everyone knew she must be lost. So with the whole family and several neighbors, they set out searching the forest. It was dark and there was a storm in the distance, so everyone moved quickly. It wasn’t only the lightning but the rain never came either. Somewhere a lightning bolt struck, Kyr was there to see it, and the fire that started afterward. As he ran deeper into the forest, calling out for Sati, he heard her cries, “Brother!” But the dry summer made for a fast moving fire, and Kyr had to run from the forest, his little sister in his arms. When it was all over, two people were missing, the neighbor, Foreni, and Kyr and Sati’s father. Both losses would change how they grew up.

Foreni was a widower whose wife died young, leaving him to raise three girls on his own. With Foreni gone Kyr’s family took on the responsibility. Kyr’s mother was insistent; the shared loss drew them together. Though they were anything but poor, the family nearly doubled in size that day, and the resources they lived with grew tight. Kyr had to take on more responsibility and learn to live with less. Sati was still too young to notice the change. Like Kyr, Foreni’s two older daughters had to get used to living with less. For the three of them, this made them grasp for everything they could have, even things they only desired a little. A complex triangle developed between the three of them that grew more complicated with age.

The other impact it had on Kyr was to impress upon him the power of lightning. One strike killed two people and devastated acres of land. He wanted never to be subjected to that kind of danger, and swore to conquer the power of lightning.

He led an almost reckless pursuit of that control, ironic as it may seem. He abandoned the two girls and left his family behind, though he would continue to support them from wherever he traveled, when he could.

It would be another irony when this master of storm found his death at the hands of one. Traveling at sea in pursuit of an object with great power over storms, the ship was rocked by powerful waves. Kyr controlled the lightning, held the thunder, and pressed the wind. But one great wave would capsize the boat, all hands lost.

Mynas Kyr

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