Master Ling


Name: Master Ling (Lvl 11 b-team)
Race: Stormsoul Genasi
Class: Cleric “AoE Nuker” (Path: Astral Avenger)

Fu Manchu ’stache and the attitude to back it up

Str: 15 Con: 13 Dex: 13 Int: 9 Wis: 22 Cha: 18

Resists: Lightning/Necrotic 10; Cold/Fire/Thunder/Poison 5

Feats: DragonBreath(Lightning), ArmorProf(Scale), ShieldLt, ShieldHvy, VersatileResistance, FORT+2, REF+2

Skills: mysterious

Atwill: Lance of Faith; r8, WIS v REF, radiant dmg
Atwill: Sacred Flame; r8, WIS v REF, radiant dmg
ENC1: DivineGlow; Blast3, WIS v REF, radiant dmg
ENC3: Command; r13, WIS v WILL, dazed+(prone||slide7)
ENC7: BreaktheSpirit; r13, WIS v WILL, radiant dmg and target -4atk
ENC11: AstralWave; Burst8, WIS v WILL, lightning dmg
ENC: (m)DragonBreath; Blast3, 11 v REF, lightning dmg
ENC: TurnUndead; Burst5, WIS v WILL, radiant dmg

ENC: (m)Healing Wordx2, surge +4d6 +6hp
ENC: (f)DivineFortune [Cleric feature]
ENC: (m)PromiseOfStorm [Genasi feature]

DLY1: BeaconofHope; Burst3, WIS v WILL, weakened; allies +11hp
DLY5: Consecrated Grnd; Burst1, Zone, ZONE=radiant dmg and bloodied allies +5hp
DLY9: BladeBarrier; r13, Wall5, dmg and ongoing5

UTIL2: ShieldOfFaith; Burst5, allies +2AC for encounter
UTIL6: BastionOfHealth; r13, surge +1d6 +10hp
UTL10: KnightsUnyielding;r13, 4 ghostly warriors for encounter

Symbol of Divine Reach 3 (13) [3range to ranged powers]
12: Armor of Resistance 3 (12) [Resist 10 Necrotic]
11: Gloves of the Healer (11 +4k) [
1d6hp to healing powers]
10: Amulet +3 (10 +4k)

Money buys

Viper Belt (840gp)
Battleforged Shield (840gp)

…9680gp spent, 320gp left


Master Ling

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