Patron of Aza


Emerald Dragon


Aza knows little of the velvet voice that gave her mastery over the sword nearly three years ago now. The dragon sounds female and claims to be of the Emerald type, but very little has been shared beyond that. This has forced Aza to read into Khasidenya’s actions to learn more about her benefactor. The way in which Aza was empowered she has since found to be a bit unusual. Normally a verbal agreement must be struck, but in this case Aza had made no such agreement before the dragon granted her boon to the woman, allowing her to be master of her own destiny even as the blade devoured her soul. It showed trust, or maybe desperation, Aza is not sure which. Still, the normally quiet companion has proven useful on a number of occasions, helping Aza understand her new life and how best to manipulate the other souls present in the sword to achieve her own goals. And as far as she can tell Khasidenya does not speak to the others trapped within the enchanted steel.


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