Patron of Gomgrim Zekeif


Sapphire Dragon


A few years ago Gomgrim’s military unit was overrun while trying to protect a dwarven settlement; nearly every soldier was killed. As he lay wounded a powerful force entered his mind, the Sapphire dragon Danadrath, who lent him the strength to survive in exchange for information about the force that had swept over the town. When reinforcements reached the town a day later Gomgrim was holding the few survivors together in a cellar. Since then Gomgrim has learned that Danadrath is a great general and ally of the dwarves who was taken by surprise by some devious plot to use the town as bait for an invading army. The army was routed a few days later according to the plan but Danadrath bitterly resents the fact that he was not told about the trap. He would have much preferred to withdraw the civilians and his troops rather than “waste them as bait”. The sapphire dragon takes pride in ‘his’ troops, their skills and victories. But he also and takes their losses personally. Danadrath has been in increasing contact with Gomgrim and, for a time, was assigning him to small veteran units for special missions where Gomgrim’s martial background and clerical power are put to good use keeping his allies on their feet.


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