Patron of Marcus Vermithrax


Crystal Dragon


Alesandro is an old dragon. That may not sound like much, because dragons are ancient creatures, but he is old even for a dragon. When you think of Alesandro, think of an old Greek or Italian patriarch of a noble family: friendly, outgoing, seemingly caring only for good wine, good food and beautiful women. Now, among dragons, Alesandro is something of a joke, since he seems to be more than a little senile at times and cares more for good food than any mission that the other dragon’s might be concerned with. Other dragons view bonding with him with a mixture of bemusement and disappointment.

Alesandro is a Crystal dragon. He has come to believe that this grand design of the amethyst is something of a joke (it doesn’t actually accomplish anything) and has embraced the vices of the people we was originally sent to spy upon. His tastes are expensive, so his intel can still be of value (he is often surrounded by the wealthy and the powerful), but most don’t expect him to actively contribute a whole lot to the cause at this stage. His estates are in Khonis.


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