Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 8

It was early afternoon of the next day before the group was roused. As they awoke each took to their own business whether it be training, composing scrolls or replacing furniture. It was the activities of The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft, currently under the control of First, that was of greatest interest. Seeing an opportunity he approached Deliana Lienne, asking if she knew how to pluck a single soul from the blade. She did not, but promised to begin looking into it if First would tell her about the sword and offer a down payment as good faith; a payment which later turned into a small boon to be called for at a later time. A bargain was struck and the sword left Garnet, but not before it noticed the ever present viper wrapped around Deliana’s arm showing far more interest in the discussion than a simple animal should.

It was about this time that information about the elven dandy was starting to come together. The estate he had retreated to that morning was owned by Brais Muryo, a human male socialite that prided himself on helping to bring elven culture to humanity. The elf was apparently one of several acquaintances that lived at the estate, forming a social circle of some influence. Only a few weeks past Brais had hosted an event during the elven festival of spring, attempting to bring the delights to those who, for whatever reason, could not enter the Arien Taur and enjoy the event there. Though his sphere of influence was niche, he did very well for himself.

Brais was also holding a party that would coincide with the new moon celebration at the obelisk. A few select invited guests would gather at his estate a few hours before the event, move to the spire to participate and then return to the manor for a more public gathering. Seeing this as an opportunity to learn more of the elf that wasn’t an elf the group decided to try to gain entrance to the festivities. To secure their invites Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl and the sword traveled to the estate earlier in the day. And while at first it seemed they would have to work to gain entrance, the majordomo quickly changed his stance, welcoming them openly, as if recognizing an old friend. It made the addition of most of the party to the guest list unusually easy.

That night three groups were formed. The first, composed of Marcus Vermithrax, Obsidian and the sword (now wearing Tavitha’s amulet that she had mysteriously passed on), would arrive at the party early, allowing them to form some initial contacts that might prove useful as the more important figures arrived later. Lord Ember, as one such important figure, would be one of those arriving late. But he could not arrive alone, so it was decided that both Sunishra and Tavitha would accompany him. It was unsurprising that one of the Sun sisters would clean up so well, but for the bundle of chaos to sit still long enough to look appropriate to hang on Ember’s other arm was. All told he would arrive looking every part the stunning noble from the north. The final pairing was Gomgrim Zekeif and Bonesaw. They would travel to the spire directly as a dwarf and half-orc may not be welcome at an elven party.

The first group was about the arrive, the second just leaving, when all three were attacked. Upon the northern streets archers supported a number of mercenaries that ambushed the first group. Further south Ember was forced to confront a pair of ax men alone as Tavitha’s assistance was difficult to count on and Sunishra was trying to maintain the illusion that she couldn’t summon a claymore with a thought. And within the safe house three more attacked, coming through the front door and surrounding the half-orc that was quick to close rank with them. Though the battle was still young, the various fights all seemed to be going in their favor.



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