Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 7

Within the confines of a small cell in the basement of their safe house the group went to work on Eria Xoana. But when it was clear she would not be forthcoming without significant coercion and that her allies appeared to be approaching the house her wrist was slit and she was left to bleed out. If needed she could be saved, but the way the situation appeared to be escalating it was unlikely that would be desired. Which made the new arrival’s words all the more surprising. Introducing herself as Deliana Lienne, the woman with the deadly snake on her arm and the kukri on her hip claimed she was there to negotiate the return of her confiscated property.

As the group played host Deliana wasted no time on the matter at hand, immediately asking for terms for Eria’s return. She didn’t even bother to protest that the party was holding the woman, as if such a thing was expected. The party, seeing themselves in a position of power, began by asking her who she was and what she was doing in the city. But when pressed they did not agree to release their prison for just that information. So in exchange they allowed Deliana’s companion, Mirosara Kladja, to ensure that Eria still lived. With that confirmed (Gomgrim Zekeif had quickly sealed the deadly wound when it became clear that Eria would better serve the party alive) Deliana began to give them what they wanted.

Ms. Lienne was the proprietor of an establishment called Garnet. Ostensibly it was business built around the leasing of companionship. And though that was profitable enough, the men and women of Garnet were also capable spies; using their gifts to gather information when their targets were most vulnerable. Obtaining and brokering information was Garnet’s true purpose and it was very effective. And if true, Deliana could be one of the most powerful people in the city.

Knowing that the bargain became simple. If Deliana agreed to never release the information she had on the party they would return her agent. After a bit of consideration she agreed, an unconscious tell seeming to confirm that she would live up to her word. With all sides satisfied with the resolution the party than began talking about a future partnership. And though Deliana was unwilling to commit to any such thing under the circumstances, she did tell them they could approach as true clients at a later time. Whether or not she chose to do business with them would then be independent of the leverage they currently held. So with Eria released Deliana and Mirosara took their leave, disappearing into the night.

When it was all said and done the hour was past midnight. But instead of calling it a day the party decided now was as good a time as any to witness whatever it was the elves were doing at the odd obelisk in the dead of night. As they arrived they found a crowd close to 500 in number, the huge majority of which were elves. They also discovered that the obelisk was effectively invisible in the dead of night, the illusion of the sky far more precise than they would have suspected.

For the most part they just watched (though the sword managed to consistently find the wrong people to talk to); first the lead up to the ceremony, the moment of elation itself and then for forty five minutes or so after the fact. Little seemed to not go as promised. The exceptions were what seemed to be a type of elven clergy moving about the periphery of the gathering and a single well-to-do elf faking the rapture the rest of his kin seemed to be enjoying. Immediately suspecting dragon the group decided he was worth following.

Unfortunately, few leads arose from the efforts. The man, with roughly half a dozen friends, traveled first to a bar where he wasted away the rest of the night and then to his home, hand in hand with one of the maidens, as the sun was beginning to rise. Having likely discovered his home but having little desire to learn about his post dawn dalliances the group instead retreated to the safe house to get some rest.



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