Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 6

The meeting with the two stalkers lasted several hours, but contained little real content. Most of the discussion revolved around Lord Ember’s stories of daring and bravery with the party learning little about the women other than their names, Mirosara Kladja and Eria Xoana, and the location of their home should Ember wish to call upon them again. Then, providing some excuse regarding the need to deal with some extortionists, the group took their leave.

Now free of their followers the party spent the next several hours continuing their search of the southern reaches of Xairus. There they found a number of buildings in use by the I.C.S. Trading Company and a propaganda poster from an organization calling themselves the Verdant Mandate, though not together. They also drew the attention of some of the elven guard that patrolled the outskirts of the city as they approached the southern border. They may have been dirtied up, but a few trained eyes noticed how the party was unusually well equipped.

After returning to the safe house they decided it was time to speak with the sisters, or at least one of them, and discover what they knew about Xairus. Though there was still much they didn’t know, they did have a basic understanding of how the city worked. Upon the Council of Three Fransa Mari is a separatist, Nowell Yanis is a traditionalist and Teodil Ghol is an expansionist. They also got a rough idea of the dragon presence in the city. Given its value, a number of silver dragons lay claim to Xairus, turning the city into a bastion under their control. Their greatest challenge to their claim is a clan of red dragons, a powerful group more interested in burning the city to the ground because the silvers want it rather than actually controlling it. They also learned of a group, smaller still, of gold dragons in the city that are there purely to hunt and destroy the reds. And while there are more dragons than just these three groups, this is the primary dynamic of the local draconic conflict.

As they spoke Ivaen Vinekio informed them of a watcher in the trees that was spying upon their silent discussion. Determined to flush him out Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl, Ember and The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft left the safe house with the intention of circling around and grabbing their unwanted guest. But before they could get there they discovered they had a tail of their own, a woman they managed to trap on one of the long bridges connecting the city proper to the Arien Taur. Upon discovering it was Mirosara the group immediately began to pressure the woman to reveal the truth. For a time she clung to her cover that she was simply an admirer of Ember, but with the bridge unusually vacant the party was able to apply enough pressure to break her. And though she was unwilling to give up her employer, she did agree to turn double agent, a promise Obsidian knew immediately was a lie. Still, they let her go and continued in search of their primary prey.

Their initial target was gone before they arrived, so it was decided to see if there was a second follower that the others could catch much the same way the first group had caught Mirasara. Unfortunately, they were not so lucky. Instead, after gathering again, they decided to look into the address the stalkers had given to them earlier that day. Upon their arrival they found the place carefully sacked, nothing of value or importance left behind, and the distinctive after effect of a notification ritual going off as they entered the small apartment. Faced with another dead end and realizing they would likely not see Mirasara again they returned to the safe house to find Eria bound and gagged with Tavitha looking particularly proud of herself.



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