Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 3

Within the hold an unusual situation was playing out. A woman, well dressed, seemed to be at least partially controlling the font of chaos, though the level of effort required was clearly exhausting. Nearby a man stood pensively, unsure what to do. Events had clearly gone out of control and he was frozen with indecision. And somewhere inside the coursing light of a color that should not be there was the faintest hint of a humanoid form.

Upon the arrival of the group the woman commanded the man to kill them. Not terribly interested in another fight the party attempted to sway him to the contrary. Though the arguments of Marcus Vermithrax and The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft were not entirely convincing, it was sufficient to keep him rooted in place long enough for the woman to grow desperate. In an effort to end the stalemate she tried to shift the chaos font, slamming it into the party. Her efforts were successful, though not terribly damaging. But with her control weakened the entity inside was finally able to break her hold. As the energy faded the party faced a woman whose form and features were in a constant state of flux, her former warden held aloft by the head. And before they could respond she released another blast of chaos, devouring the upper half of her opponent and blowing another hole into the ship.

That was enough for the other dragon to flee, shifting into a bronze as he fled. Nearby the woman of chaos turned her attention to the party, but before she could do anything ‘Ishra tossed her a locket and called her by name, Tavitha. The necklace in hand her form seemed to stabilize, though a touch of uncertainty still touched her features. With the “artifact” recovered the party fell back, Lord Ember taking the opportunity to snatch a couple of crates, though they only contained linens and silverware.

Returning to shore a few miles south of Wyenn the party took stock of their situation. Two dragons had survived and news of their actions would spread fast. Wyenn would not be safe for them, but they needed at least some supplies and clothing (Tavitha wore nothing) before they could flee. So Ember and the newly arrived Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl returned to town to acquire what they could, learning as they did that the dragons were calling the incident in the harbor a Chelikt Empire terrorist attack.

Reunited the party headed west, following the road to Cajra until the sun started to rise before them. Exhausted they decided to rest, though there were few locations giving them a vantage of the road while not making them visible to other travelers. And as the first travelers headed towards Wyenn started to appear they gave up on hiding all together when it was clear they were not even partially successful in their efforts.

Since hiding wasn’t working out for them they spoke briefly with some of the travelers, trying to learn more about what was happening in Wyenn. Apparently the cover story about a Chelikt attack in the harbor had expanded into an orchestrated attack on the shipyards themselves. A later meeting with a patrol out of Wyenn confirmed the story. This was a positive turn of events for the group since with Marcus looking nothing like a dragonborn and with the addition of Obsidian there was only a tenuous connection between them and the invaders listed in the reports. About the only readily identifiable link between them and the attacks was the triplets. So in an effort to keep Tavitha safe the Sun sisters agreed to split off from the others, continuing west while the rest of them turned south toward Kaevic. Cutting across from one road to another drew the attention of a second patrol, but their cover as mercenaries avoiding a potential war zone held up and they were allowed to continue.

On foot it took almost 3 weeks to reach the outskirts of Kaevic. There they were greeted by another agent of the Insurrection going by the name of Bonesaw. The half orc had been conscripted to provide additional protection for Tavitha and to pass on word that they were desired in Xairus, a city to the northwest. After confirmation the group spent as little time as they could in Kaevic before catching a train ride to one of the mining camps in the direction of Xairus. Once there they would come out of the mountains and approach the city through the forest.

Three days of travel on the trains was followed by three days of travel coming down the mountain. The mountains earned their reputation as impassible though with the party losing three of their seven horses during that brief time. But finally into the forest at the base of The Great Divide the party turned west again, hoping the worst was behind them.



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