Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 33

While the others rest and recover within the safety of the temple of Kinis, Marcus Vermithrax returns to the city proper to maintain the appearances of Hakon Sind. Once there he learns that Anastas Katian is blaming the Verdant Mandate for the death of Larisa Katian. This has forced Llorenc Midac to step down immediately. As a result, Hakon is able to immediately join the Division of External Policy as the Arien Taur Coordination councilor.

Similarly, Fransa Mari has immediate need of mercenary support as martial law has been declared. And with the support of both major mercenary organizations behind him, she has no choice but to instate Lord Ember as the Mercenary Coordination councilor.

That evening sees the rangers push deep within the Arien Taur while the Illumina take the Arien Tol and the Reavers hold the Jade Plateau. For the mercenaries at least, the night is quiet. How much resistance the rangers met is still unknown.

In the morning a third vacancy is filled, this time that of head of the rangers. Aydan Othiel, a man the group knows from the papers they recently recovered is the mercury dragon that had been supporting Larisa, has been appointed my Anastas to the position.

Two vacancies still remain: Imports and State Coordination.



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