Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 32

Having reached the heart of the facility the group discovers offices, storage spaces and war rooms. Here they not only find the items that were taken from their safe house, but a wealth of information on the rangers and this secretive organization within them.

Continuing to move forward they are ambushed by Larisa Katian and Aydan Othiel, a mercury dragon and head of the rangers. Yet, despite facing two powerful dragons at once, the group manages to kill Larisa, forcing Aydan to retreat or die himself.

Free from immediate danger the party begins a more thorough search of the site. Unfortunately, through their connection with the Sun Sisters, they learn that Ayden has reached Anastas Katian and that the Silver Regent is moving to intercept them with a gold scaled dracolich with him. With only a few minutes to escape before being faced with a force they cannot defeat, the group ascend through the structure, discovering that it is the ranger tower now claimed by the Gray Forest. Clearing the deadly growth on the other side of the front gate, they wait in their hiding spot, hoping to remain undiscovered for the ten minutes it will take to open a portal to escape. And though they hear Anastas’ rage within the tower, he does not find them and they flee to the temple of Kinis



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