Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 2

On the port cutter the party was enduring heavy damage, but inflicting much as well. The black dragon appeared cornered and vulnerable, and the sailors on board seemed under control. The addition of the torn and bloodied form of a white dragon floating to the surface raised their spirits even more; apparently the Sun sisters had been busy. This would be the last straw for the boisterous man on the middle cutter though, convincing him that this attack was not a trivial one. Quickly shifting into the form of a gray dragon he took wing and unleashed a blast of acid upon the small confines of the port cutter.

It was that moment that turned the battle. The arrival of the starboard cutter doubled the number of crossbowmen that were freely attacking and the addition of a second dragon, one more powerful than any they had faced so far, was overwhelming. The party was now fighting a battle they could not win.

Holding as best they could the group finally saw relief as the Sun sisters boarded the middle cutter. Their initial attack was directed against the sailors on board, a move that drew the gray dragon away from the others. But as the beast crossed the distance there was a flash of light and a snapping sound before the sisters disappeared back into the water. As they did the intensity of the shield protecting the caravel decreased.

The same thing happened with the starboard cutter, though this time the gray dragon decided to focus on the more resilient threat, leaving the humans to deal with the obnoxious women. The initial distraction had been enough though, both the humans and the black dragon now corpses on the port cutter. And with the sisters engaging the other mortals that just left the gray dragon. The party was still working with a sense of urgency though; the sisters would not last long in a direct fight.

Dragons are immortal creatures, a gift from their progenitor long ago that even the Orbs of Dragonkind could not steal from them. So when faced with death… simply put, few causes are worth dying for. Seeing defeat at the hands of these mortals the gray dragon took no chances, disappearing into the night sky as it’s wounds became severe. As it fled Marcus Vermithrax discovered what it was the sisters were destroying on the other cutters. With a burst of lightning he shattered the crystalline orb hidden at the top of the mast amidst the sails, knocking down the final shield. As he did a fountain of light and energy born of pure chaos tore through the deck of the larger ship, shattering the mast and leaving a gaping hole to the lower level. Rising 150 feet into the air, the display could likely be seen for miles in any direction. Afraid what might come to investigate the agents dropped back below the waves, leaving the remaining sailors to flee.

Ascension to the deck of the caravel was a simple matter for most of the group, only the dwarf required the use of a rope ladder. Aboard they would find more sailors dead than alive, but enough still standing to mount a defense. With them was the apparent owner of the ship, a dandy that fancied himself a pirate. But any dragon, even a frivolous brown one still wearing a pirate hat while his reptilian form stood at the bow of the ship, was dangerous. A fact quickly proven as the beast blinded the group a moment before stunning them with his aura and turning two thirds of the ship into a raging sand storm.

The near continuous fighting had nearly tapped the party, many of them scrapping for whatever reserves of energy they might have within them. Still, enough damage was done to convince the brown dragon that the game was no longer fun, driving him away and leaving the upper deck in the hands of the Insurrection.



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