Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 29

In response to the attack on the safe house two rituals are immediately cast by Adeya and Vennerzad. The first is a linked portal to return to the safe house. The second is the creations of a convocation of spectral eagles to aid their movement once they are through. Unfortunately, their attackers were too quick, too capable at disappearing into the night. Try as they might the party cannot discover where the attackers fled to.

Immediately upon regrouping the party gets in touch with Nowell Yanis, informing him of what has happened. His response, though brief because of the ritual, clearly shows concern at his involvement with the party being discovered. If they cannot find Rojzar Loic quickly they could lose their most influential ally.

Their next efforts were focused on learning more about the two attackers that had been identified: Adelle Callum and Elim Horn. And though they discovered that the two were highly regarded rangers, they could learn little about where they were to be found now. They were both solitary elves and their duties kept them constantly moving.

As that avenue ran dry the party was contacted by Nowell. His instructions were simple: go to the longhouse where they first met, use what the counselor has left behind to find Rojzar and leave no one alive. Following his instructions the party discovered a teleportion circle inscription. With few alternatives another linked portal was created and the party stepped through.



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