Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 27

Using the cover provided by the attacks of the Verdant Mandate the party set out to create their own mayhem. There were certain positions within the government of Xairus that they would be uniquely qualified to fill if such openings became available. And their first target for the evening was the man who coordinated the interactions between the city and the Arien Taur, Llorenc Midac. Unfortunately, the elf had good reason to fear for his safety and was currently locked in a stand off with a number of Verdant Mandate attackers.

Seeking easier prey the group turned their attention to Ironne Ordul, the woman who managed all large scale import needs for the city. When they arrived at her estate they found the grounds well guarded, but quiet. Apparently the Verdant Mandate didn’t feel she needed to be removed from power. So after a brief return to the Muryo estate to acquire appropriate disguises they assaulted Ironne’s home, killing her servants before killing her and setting the building aflame to cover their escape.

By the time they could return to Llorenc’s estate the heart of the Verdant Mandate’s forces had been driven back, making any additional assassinations much more difficult to conceal. So with half of the group retreating to the Muryo estate to maintain the Hakon deception the other half returned to the safe house to examine what they had managed to recover from the treasury.

With the rising of the Sun the group learned that fourteen prominent members of Xairus’ ruling body had been attacked; three of which failed to live through the night. Beyond the death of Ironne Ordul, Elenara Weron had also fallen as did Leroi Sophron, a member of the Division of Internal Enforcement that managed the relationship between the city and the mercenaries that operated out of it. All three positions were vital and efforts had begun to fill them as quickly as possible.

As for their spoils, the group found themselves with a number of additional magical items, a bit of gold, some records detailing imports from Khonis and Cajra as well a mysterious artifact. Seeming to be a small sample of the blood of The Dragon, what purpose the relic served or why it had been in the vault was unknown.



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