Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 26

Moving quickly to corner the dragonborn within the teller area, the group tried to take the quick advantage. Unfortunately both the defilers and the adepts had potent breath and magical attacks. Within the confines of the enclosed space Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl, Lord Ember and The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft took the brunt of the onslaught, with Obsidian falling and the Haunted Blade almost following suit.

The group’s saving grace was Adeya’s manipulation of the persistent teleport catcher ritual that warded the treasury. By forcing the dragonborn into short teleports they were inevitably caught by the defensive magics, whisking them away to prisons and fates unknown. The tactic allowed the tide to quickly turn with most of the attackers failing to launch a second attack. But though they foes had been defeated, the silent alarm had been tripped and the police were inbound. It was only by virtue of the general chaos of the evening that the group had more than a few minutes to react. As it was the Sun Sisters thought they could provide fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, for the group to finish their business and escape.

Once through the next sealed door they headed down into the building’s basement. There they slowly began searching the space, expecting to find both Sietten and the mysterious second humanoid (believed to be Mikaere Ohe). What they found was a huge invisible dragon clinging to the ceiling of a large conference room and a second, smaller dragon similarly hidden in the archive room.

Once they identified the later as Sietten Dieu they began to taunt him, writing out messages that the assassin Mikaere was there to kill him, even going to far as to draw a path leading back to the room where the other dragon was hiding. But instead of face his pursuer, Sietten moved towards the stairs leading back up to the surface. But even as the Haunted Blade and Lord Ember braced the door to stop his exit Adeya used her projection to alert the remaining dragonborn of to the presence of the gold dragon.

Hiding behind the closed door the group listened to the battle waged between Sietten and the dragonborn of Anelace. Though a vicious and extended conflict, the death of the gold dragon seemed to be confirmed by the quick suppression of the crackle of flame from the other side of the door. But before the group could respond the door was pushed against a second time, and this time they could not stop whomever was on the other side. Seeing a dragon, steel, standing there was not surprising. But that fact that it wasn’t the same size as the assassin in the conference room presented the unwelcome fact that the hunter was still out there and almost certainly unhurt. And though the group initially spoke to the steel dragon, whom they assumed was Goncal, they also leveled an attack against him. In response the dragon teleported away, choosing to face the teleport catcher rather than be cut down in his weakened state.

When the group could not track down the assassin dragon they turned their attention towards taking what they could find of value in the vaults and upon Sietten’s corpse before escaping back out into the night.



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