Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 25

In the aftermath of the attack upon the Muryo estate the group was met almost immediately by Arzra Beloret, the agent of Garnet that originally helped Marcus Vermithrax make the arrangements for the gathering. She appeared disappointed that the death count was not higher and was able to identify the one casualty as a spy of the Verdant Mandate. Still, it seemed her interest in the night was not done as she shared that the Verdant Mandate had not only attacked this event, but had scheduled a number of coordinated attacks against most of the powers within the city. This was their revolution.

The most obvious implication of this news was that Anastas Katian and Larisa Katian might be vulnerable. But rather than risk such an assault the group decided that Sietten Dieu would make a more appropriate target. Attacking the Katian’s without undermining their support structure seemed unwise.

Tracking Sietten proved more difficult though as he had chosen to pursue a mysterious tip just as the night was erupting. It wasn’t until the party had reached the Jade Plateau that the Sun Sisters were able to narrow their search to the treasury building.

Using Adeya’s talents the simple building was quickly scouted. Upon the first floor was a group of six lookouts, all dragonborn. Further in another two more were tossing an office while a floor down another five were attempting to access the main vault. Once in position to physically watch the location the group noticed first Sietten enter and then another figure, both of which were able to bypass the security on the building with ease.

The party was not so fortunate. But with a bit of time and the help of Sunedea they were able to breach the arcane lock. And with Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl’s talents with darkness they were able to pass through without setting off the alarm. All the while Adeya dreamwalked within the building, watching Sietten, in his true form as a gold dragon, move into the office and slaughter the two dragonborn there before descending deeper, but never catching sight of the second figure.

Once inside the group advanced to the primary office, discovering the gruesome remains left behind by Sietten. But with the next door sealed even more effectively than the exterior one, and their own search of the office failing to turn up anything of value, it was decided to defeat the forces in the lobby rather than risk a potential attack from the rear if they failed to remain hidden.



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