Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 23

With much of the party continuing to stay low the days began to blur together as the Sun Sisters continued to follow events in the city, Adeya continued to try to start a riot and Marcus Vermithrax delved deeper into the Hakon Sind persona.

Of Katarin Lowenn they learned little other than she has a magical means of entering and exiting her home and she facilitated the purchase of a significant quantity of martial magical items for Larisa Katian, whom she met with at least twice while under surveillance.

Of Naray Anaru and Cintia Anaru they learned that the identity was that of a couple, merchants focused on working the Tear of Ashin for trade with the elven people of the western Arien Taur.

Of Goncal they learned that he is the leader of the most influential and dangerous of the Xairus’ underground organizations; Anelace.

Of Petera Tene they learned that she is one of the leaders if not the leader of the Verdant Mandate and that she has a vested interest in the events surrounding the Obsidian Pillar.

Of Mikaere Ohe they learned that he is an assassin working out of Xairus, but rumors regarding him contain significant inconsistencies in his appearance and an unusual list of hits he did accept versus those he did not.

Of Rem Moana they learned that his is a simple laborer, loading and unloading shipments at a warehouse in southern Xairus.

As Hakon, Marcus put into motion a plan that would come to affect most every major power in the city. Seeking to pick up the mantle of Brais Muryo he made arrangements for a grand social event where he would call for human and elves to mend their differences and return to the prosperity and peace of the recent past. Using the Muryo Trust he was able to secure the assistance of Garnet, represented by an elf by the name of Arzra Beloret, in spreading word of the event and 50 mercenaries to police it.

But even as Marcus sought to mend fences the city continued to descend into chaos. First a curfew was announced and then the fires in the Arien Tol started to spread to the Wrought Plateau. By the eve of the event the nightly riots had encompassed the areas around the Stigand Estate with a death toll rising about 500.

One final twist came when those members of the party that had been found guilty of treason were exonerated. Publically the excuse was that upon finally being able to access the temples with the help of Schenna Zume, Ardena C’yre was able to verify many elements of the group’s story, enough for Teodil Ghol to change his vote. There is still a request out though, championed by Fransa Mari, for the party to reappear before the council.

Leading up to the reunification event the party started to lay low. They were not alone. Garnet, the Verdant Mandate and Anelace all showed signs of preparing for an operation during the gala. And while the first two seemed to be focused on the Muryo estate, the later appeared to be an effort to take advantage of the chaos that was likely to ensue. They also discovered that at least one entity had discovered the location of the safe house and had it under surveillance. But other than recognizing the incredible talent in urban stealth these observers had they learned nothing about them.



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