Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 22

Now four days since their escape they still seek to quietly push Xairus into civil war, all the while positioning themselves to act as its savior, putting more and more of the mercenaries of the city on reserve contract.

For The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft and Adeya the day saw them travel to the temple of Lerelan in far off Uresian at the request of Davith Bennin, the most recent resident of the sword. The priest wished to maintain the ties he had in life, so he sought to return to the temple of his teachings. All things considered, events went as expected and Adeya was able to secure usage of the teleportation circle of the Guild of the Shadows for 400 gold her use.

The fourth day also saw Marcus Vermithrax assume the role of Hakon Sind. His efforts were extremely convincing as he took up residence in the old estate of Brais Muryo, claiming to have been a prisoner of the Verdant Mandate before escaping.

And though Adeya’s efforts to start a riot had failed thus far, the fourth night saw sections of the Arien Tol burn. A part of town dedicated towards mixing the cultures of men and elves, that it was targeted is hardly surprising.

Most of the fifth day was taken up with dealing with Callisa Ni. Sunedea’s intel strongly suggested that she was working for Anastas Katian, trying to draw the party out of hiding. So when she contracted Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl about discussing the trading venture they approached the meeting with a significant amount of caution.

Near the planned meeting point Lord Ember entertained a beautiful woman while Adeya and Vennerzad relaxed at a nearby table. Yet despite Ember’s desire for a low key and ultimately inconsequential date, he managed to find himself in the company of a lady of Garnet. Though she made no aggressive moves during the course of their meal, all signs seemed to indicate she recognized all three of them and that later she would report upon the meeting to Deliana Lienne

Inside the nearby restaurant Obsidian, accompanied by both Marcus and the Haunted Blade, found Callisa with companions of her own. Both human, a gentleman by the name of Annick Erwan was introduced as a common trading parter of Callisa’s while the woman, Katarin Lowenn, seemed to be the owner of a local merchant firm, the I.C.S. Trading Company. Apparently Obsidian’s investment had sparked Katarin’s interest, who desired to increase the value of the endevour. Callisa explained that they wanted Obsidian’s involvement in as much as he was willing to attend given the circumstances.

Declining the offer, Obsidian even went so far as to drop Anastas’ title, the Silver Regent, in his refusal, hinting that if the man was going to get what he wanted he was going to have to try a different tact. Though Callisa and Annick only responded to the comment with confusion, Katarin temporarily betrayed her knowledge of the title.

Now the Sun Sisters have a new target, someone who appears to know about the dragons but wasn’t mentioned during the exchange between Deliana and Sietten Dieu.



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