Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 19

Though The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft had turned itself in, its interactions with Ardena C’yre were still contentious. And when ordered back in the box the sword resisted, leading to another escape attempt. This one though was not successful, the blade being beaten down and forced back in the box.

A short time later the trial began, with the prosecution opening. To begin Ardena was brought to speak in regards to the taint of the Far Realms upon the items of the party. Such taint proved nothing, but items tainted in this way would be extremely rare and almost impossible to obtain through chance. Next she talked about the Blade of Sylvaneft, of the 1132 souls trapped within in and its continued lack of cooperation. Discussions became heated here, with neither side seeming to gain ground. Ardena’s final contribution was a discussion of the ritual book. But instead of pursuing this topic too deeply an object reading was requested for the second round of arguments.

Next came the servants of Brais Muryo who all claimed to have overheard various members of the party conspiring. All three of them were lying, but were very effective. Sensing something might be amiss the group coordinated with Adeya who began to astrally project, looking to discover the truth of the matter. Eventually she found Larisa Katian, in her office, a circle inscribed at her feet and an open ritual book at her side, the incantations written in draconic. It was clear she was directing the witnesses, giving their stories the weight the servants were unlikely to be able to convey on their own.

Having few options available to them the group ask Tavitha to instruct Cerberus to attack Larisa, disrupting the ritual. A moment later the confidence of the witness seemed visible shaken and he was quickly dismissed, despite the protests from the party.

With it now their turn the party called Priestess Schenna Zume of the order of Kinis to speak on their behalf. But before she could say a word the doors to the chambers burst open, a humanoid figure seemingly made of space and stars filling the gap. Calling himself a herald of Beatleguese he demanded that the champions of his lord be released. And should they not be free within 30 minutes his lord would see to their liberation. Before anyone could respond an agent of the council entered the chambers from a side door, telling those gathered that Larisa Katian had just been brutally attacked.



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