Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 18

Drawn from the anti-magic containment box, the sword was placed upon an examination table by Ardena C’yre, an eladrin working for the city. She performed a handful of experiments and then briefly consulted a book on the history of the Chelikt Empire and the assassination of the undying king. But upon attempting to return the sword to the box The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft manifested, resisting her defensive attack and then attempting to speak with her. Though hesitant, she at least stopped running and started to talk. But when the words of the Blade turned threatening she fled, forcing the Blade to locate one of the Sun sisters and escape.

At about the same time most of the party was standing in the presence of the council, the situation being explained to them and a lawyer assigned to them to provide advice (though by the laws of the court, he would not speak for them). In a day they would stand here again and would have only a few hours to convince the council that they were innocent.

Looking for any advantage they could find, Adeya and Vennerzad discovered that the Sun sisters had once worked with a woman in Thellik by the name of Elenara Weron. Then she was an ambassador to that far off city, but now she sat on the Division of External Policy. The sisters had done her a favor before and could call in that favor should the other desire. They did and Elenara appeared to be agreeable, promising to provide the skulls of the fallen as evidence in the upcoming trial while also looking into the matter using her own contacts.

After Adeya, Vennerzad and the Haunted Blade traveled to the temple of Kinis to discover the fate of the priests that had been left behind. They not only found the priests well, but also Tavitha and something that had, “followed her home.” Whether the massive three headed dog was the true Cerberus or not was unclear, but whatever it was it seemed to now share a bond with Tavi who seemed equally attached to the creature.

Upon returning to the city proper the priests of Kinis were dropped off before the party returned to the prison to turn in both the Haunted Blade and Tavitha to the authorities. Tavitha (and the now unseen Fluffy) was taken to the prison while the sword was escorted back to Ardena.



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