Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 17

Upon returning from the Obsidian Pillar with the skulls of the fallen, the party was met by Sunedda who informed them that Garnet had been approached by the team investigating the group’s claims regarding the Gray Forest. But seeing little opportunity to act on that information the group instead turned its attention to the Verdant Mandate.

Heading south, deeper into the Arien Taur than most non-humans travel, the party made an effort to discover a sacred site of some manner that they could enter to provoke the Mandate. It took a couple of hours, but they did eventually find such a location, a single massive tree sitting at a natural ley line crossing and rising well above the canopy. Here a large platform looked out over the Arien Taur; a site that could serve as a meeting point for fifteen to twenty elves.

While they considered their next move the party was approached by Nicolu. He was curious what it is the group was trying to accomplish and was able to provide more information about this place. But while the Verdant Mandate may take offense at the party’s presence, this was not a location they used; it was simply a sacred elven site. At least content to have been seen this deep inside elven territory the party left the platform and returned to their inn.

Upon returning to the inn the group was met by the town guard who placed most of them under arrest for the death of 500+ and the creation of the Gray Forest. The group attempted to negotiate, but Sietten Dieu, the commanding officer, was adamant in the execution of his orders. Lord Ember, Marcus Vermithrax and Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl surrendered, but taking The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft into custody was a little more difficult. Upon being handed the blade and viewing the subsequent demanifestation of its physical form the town guard were confused and alerted. Unsure how to respond the sword was handed off to be taken to Ardena C’yre, a local expert in the arcane.

Stripped of their magical items Ember, Marcus and Obsidian were taken to the prison on the north end of the Jade Plateau where they would await their hearing. Taken to a facility also on the Jade Plateau, the sword was locked away in an anti-magic box of some kind. Left free Adeya and Vennerzad retreated to the safe house to locate the Sun sisters and plan their next move. There they learned that Sunedda missed the town guard moving on the party because of Garnet’s increased activity. Adapting to the new situation one of them started watching the prison, another the facility where the sword was taken while the final one watched the council building.



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