Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 14

With the dawning of the new day the party headed towards the southern end of the city. It was hoped that the elven rangers would know more of the Verdant Mandate. This would also take them near the Arien Taur, giving them the opportunity to potentially investigate the sightings. And though the forest would tug upon their minds, their interactions with the rangers didn’t go nearly as well. Those they spoke with were defensive given what had happened two days before. They also seemed to be sympathizers for the Mandate, growing upset as the group implied the organization was the cause of all of this.

Instead of risking making things worse they retreated, but not before a stranger called out to them. A dwarf by the name of Vennerzad, he apparently had orders to take Gomgrim Zekeif place as the cleric was needed to the south. Taking Bonesaw with him the two departed immediately while the others turned to the Arien Taur where they decided to pursue the movement they would spot a short time later. What they found was something they would later learn was called a Wilden. Avatars of the Arien Taur, they were awoken when the forest was threatened and its normally slow and deliberate nature would not be sufficient to defeat the threat. They communicated telepathically themselves, and this is what the party had been overhearing. Unfortunately, Vennerzad revealed that the group could listen in on what the wilden believed was secure, almost driving them away entirely.

Eventually the wilden regrouped and approached the group again, this time from a position of strength. Here the group learned of the nature of these creatures, but learned nothing more of the Verdant Mandate. It wasn’t until near nightfall that a druid by the name of Nicolu approached them, revealing much about the Arien Taur and the Verdant Mandate once he was convinced that the party were allies. He promised to look into the Mandate more, though it would take time. He also warned the group to be careful with their accusations. The Verdant Mandate was supported by many elves.

The next day Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl meets with Callisa Ni, discussing trade opportunities for his homeland. Such an effort would take a number of months, but if successful could be extremely profitable. They discussed details for a time before Callisa had to excuse herself. She felt it would be 4 or 5 days before she could construct a proper analysis of this endeavor and would speak with Obsidian again once that was complete. Still, she did give some estimates to Obsidian. Travel there and back would be 50 to 60 days, with likely another 30 or more on land to sell the goods. That put the time table between four and six months, but that didn’t take into account that they were 1200 miles from port. If he simply provided the contacts necessary for the trade Callisa was willing to offer a flat 5% of the run’s profits. For every 10,000 gold he was willing to invest she was willing to increase that by another 5%.



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