Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 13

In the aftermath of the events of the Ravening Spire the party took a bit of time to rest and recover, preparing themselves for their next steps. That afternoon, as they returned to the streets of Xairus, they had one goal: speak with the ruling council of the city and convey the events of the last 12 hours. Such a thing would hardly be easy though. The city was on high alert, the elven rangers that normally only patrolled the forest outside of the borders now an active presence on the streets, working side by side with the traditional police force that was quickly locking this city down.

Between Ryu’ Ve-Ke’rehl and Marcus Vermithrax though a portion of the group was able to make good time in their journey, only being stopped briefly before honeyed words convinced the authorities that they must continue forward. Their efforts were rewarded with an audience that very evening, though the councilors hardly seemed trusting of the story they attempted to tell. Still, the party was willing to hand over Davith Bennin’s Tiren’s Sphere while proclaiming that the survivors at the temple of Kinis would corroborate their version of events. And with the councilors questions answered they were dismissed while the leaders of Xairus tried to determine if their words were true.

At the call of the council of Xairus the party was forced to retire to that same inn they had stayed at their first night in the city, their current cover base for Influential Securities. There they kept their heads low, though it would seem that trouble would find them.

The knock came on the door of the room being shared by Gomgrim Zekeif and The Haunted Blade of Sylvaneft. Upon opening the door the Blade was met with a young human male and a seemingly younger still elven female. His words slurred by drink he plead his case. All of the rooms in the inn were taken which was significantly reducing his chances to conclude his seduction of the woman in his arms. The Blade was about to turn them away when Khasidenya spoke with Aza, insisting that the pair be allowed to enter.

Once inside the room and with the door closed behind them the man’s demeanor shifted dramatically. Pushing the woman to the bed he asked the others to hold her down. Apparently this operation required a dreamwalker and he was there to oblige. Placing his hand upon her head he channeled a vast amount of psionic energy, seemingly causing the woman to sicken under his touch. A minute later he was done, and without a word left the party to decipher what had just happened.

The answers came from the woman who slowly came awake. Though, they were not what was expected. The spirit of some sort of astral entity calling itself Adeya was now residing in the body of the woman while the very rude gentleman that has just taken his leave was an obsidian dragon resentful of the fact that he had been ordered to provide such a rare and interesting specimen to the war efforts where it could be damaged or destroyed. Apparently the events of the past 12 hours had driven the gem dragons into motion as well, though what exactly a dreamwalker was and what it could do for the party was something of a mystery.

With the rising of the sun the sisters brought with them news of the city. The Verdant Mandate was on the move. It was still too early to determine what they were up to, but this was not the activity of a terrorist organization that had just had its membership decimated. In fact, chatter seemed to indicate something big was in the works. There were also stories starting to come out of the Arien Taur of unusual shadows and movement within the ancient woods. Each report alone would likely be dismissed, but the shear quantity of accounts was enough to draw attention to it. Finally, for the time at least, there appeared to be no survivors from Brais Muryo’s circle.



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