Campaign of the Month: March 2012

Shattered Solstice

Solstice IV :: Session 12

Though the party returned to the temple of Kinis first, taking a bit of time to rest, recuperate and prepare, they soon moved on to the great cathedral of Rakia. Within the sunlight shed by their weapons drove away the darkness, but in its wake the holy place appeared deserted. It wasn’t until getting closer to the main altar that they first noticed the movement. And when they reduced the light of their weapons the form of the beast laying in wait became apparent.

Like much that had come before the beast appeared to be slumbering. But before the party could take advantage it came awake, the points of light within it’s body snapping open, the eyes, hundred of them, illuminating the silhouette of the creature. And with a snap a tentacle lashed out, striking Marcus Vermithrax across the chest and launching him close to 100 feet before he struck the far wall of the cathedral.

Though alone, the great beast was still more than a match for the might of the party. It’s greater tentacles lashed out with inhuman speed, battering away those that would seek to get close. It’s lesser tentacles were more insidious, leeching the life energy from anything they touched. And though no less deadly for appearing to be mundane, the maw and claws of the creature were also deadly. The extremely mobile monster was also difficult to contain, it’s own movement almost impossible to stop while it’s own actions made it extremely difficult for the party to position themselves effectively.

Still, the group had one advantage available to them. The radiance of their weapons proved anathema to the beast, tearing into its insubstantial form in ways steel would be unable to. And with each blow the damage became more severe. It seemed to have regenerative powers of its own, but if the group could play upon its vulnerability effectively it might be able to do more damage than the creature could survive.

The battle was long and grueling, but even as Marcus folded so too did the beast. But unlike Marcus who could be saved, the creature was dead. The deed was done.

As hoped the sun rose that morning. Whether the prayers of the party guided its way was unclear, but their success was not.

Though the immediate threat had been defeated, the ramifications of what happened that night were still unknown. The gray bramble forest that sprouted upon the ridge has remained even as the beast was slain, a number of buildings on the tier below, government structures, being partially or completely consumed. Also within the growth are the clergy of Kinis, the only apparent survivors of that night but still cut off from the rest of the city. And then there is the matter of how best to use the events of that night towards their longer term goals within Xairus



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